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Branding Techniques



The art of decorating fabric with designs stitched in strands of tread, marathon thread colors which work along the same basic principle as Pantone color are assigned to a logo which is digitized into a format that is recognized by the computer that drives embroidery machines, the thread is then automatically stitched onto the product in the form of the logo that was input into the machine, with the quality of the embroid logo is determined by the quality of the digitized file, suitable for both flat and irregular surfaces, embroidery is a classic decorative technique and a high perceived value and allows for logos to be branded in up to nine different thread colors, embroidery is long-lasting, upmarket and provides a great way of adding logos and artwork to apparel, bag, headwear and other textile products

Digital Printing

Digital Print on Bags process involes full color digital image onto a special transfer paper, this paper is then coated with a unique powdered glue which is cured onto the ink with UV rays, then placed into the product and inserted into a heat press and the heat press allows the print to be transferred directly onto the fabric, this branding method is perfect for complex logos with multiple colors, shading and gradients, small text and intricate details, as ink is not absolved by the fabric resulting in sharper artwork

Digital Printing on Drinkware UV printing process provides for the application of a superior quality photorealistic full-color digital wrap print directly onto drinkware by way of a rotary inkjet printer, great for printing artwork with vivid colors, multiple tones and gradient, ideal for replicating logo with fine details and small text on cylindrical products.

Printing on Notebooks using UV technology, this digital printing process transfers ink from an inkjet machine allowing for full color, high-definition digital images to be printed directly onto the front cover of notebooks, ideal for printing intricate logo and graphics mixed with multiple colors, shading, gradients and small text, it a high impact branding method that produces excellent clarity photo-realistic results no matter how complex the design is

Screen Printing

Is the process whereby a logo is exposed onto a meshed screen with a blank area coated with impermeable substance, ink is then liberally applied to the top of the screen and a squidgy pushes the ink through the screen in the area where the logo is being imposed onto the surface of the product, colors are printed one at a time so accurate registration is essential, this branding method is ideal for branding flat or cylindrical objects with large printing areas and it’s a cost effective solution that is perfect for larger quantities, it provides excellent coverage and its especially good for large and bold logos, screen printing allows for up to a six color print and ideal for bags and t-shirts, it can also be used for items such as umbrellas, notebooks, coolers and folders

Heat Press

Digital Transfer on Clothing

Involves the transfer on clothing printed on HD digital press, screen is digitally exposed, then the layer guided registration of digital print for layer during the alignment process and applying various layer of digital print, powdered glue is applied to printed area of transfer and adhesive cured to digital print using specialized heat tunnels, then transfers is tested, and quality checked, then pressed is done with computer-controlled temperature and pressure.

Direct to Product Printing

Provides for the application of full color logo directly onto the product by using specifically engineered jibs and specialized digital printing heads, transfers UV cured ink onto flat or slightly curved surface with photo print quality and bold vivid colors, this high impact branding method provides a way to print permanent full color logos and can be applied on many shape and sizes, it offer larger print areas on may products, can print very close to the edge of flat items and can be setup once no matter how many colors they are

Sublimation Printing

Full color digital printer fitted with sublimation ink are used to print logos or art work onto special transfer paper from there the paper is automatically cut to correct size and shape and place onto the surface of the product being branded in the area being branded, the product is then placed in the press which applies heat that caused the ink to migrate from the paper onto the product, the flexible characteristic of the product are not affected since sublimation ink is actually a dye, there’s no ink buildup on the finished print as the ink has been transferred to the product so that it looks like its part of the item, this branding method is ideal for creating multi color images with gradient, half tones and shading unlike screen printing where a setup charge is incurred per color printed, only one setup charge is incurred for sublimation printing irrespective of the number of colors in the Logo

Pad Printing

Is an offset printing process which involves ink being transferred from and engraved metal plate onto a product via a silicon pad creating an image on the products, each color is applied separately but the details on the print can still be excellent and its one of the most popular and affordable way of branding promotional products due to its ability to reproduce images on an even or curved products and print single or multiple colors in a single pass, a great all round solution that’s fast and economical, this branding method is suitable for nearly every surface and shape and its favored for small items like touches, key holders and pen

Debossing & Embossing

Is produced by pressing a metal dye in the shape of a logo on to the surface of a products using both heat and pressure creating a permanent stamped impression below the product surface, this subtle and classy branding method creates a unique 3D look and ideal for imitation and genuine leather products as well as PU

Foil Hot Stamping

Hot stamping with foil is the process the involve the transferring of a tin foil to the surface of a products by applying heat and pressure using a metal hot stamp dye leaving behind an indentation of a preselected foil color, this branding method is ideal for genuine and imitation leather products as well as PU and creates an exceptional superior imprint with a shiny metallic sheen, the reflective properties of this attention grabbing branding method are great for a shimmer  and texture to highlight various element s of a logo or message

Belly Bands

Is a Digitally Printed heavy weight paper cut to size and glues at the edges together to form product sleeve, full color belly band can boost brand visibility and can be used to optimizing brand information and marketing message and can be used for business applications such as vouchers and invitations.

Domed Stickers

By digitally printing artwork in full color on an adhesive vinyl material with a strong adhesive on the reverse, these stickers are automatically cut to the required shape and size and are coated with a crystal-clear polyurethane resin which is allowed to dry, once dry the finished domed sticker is applied to the product. This branding method is ideal for multi color logos and can be applied to smooth and rigid surfaces but work best on products with a purpose made recces plague, it produces a stunning three-dimensional appearance that elevate the perceived value of a product.

Laser Engraving

Produces a permanent finish using a laser beam to etch your logo into a metal product, replicating the logo with precise accuracy, the laser burns the top layer of the product off and reveals the layer beneath, if the layer beneath is different color to the top layer when engraved the bottom layer color is exposed, laser engraving has a higher perceived value than other forms of branding, this branding method creates a subtle up market impression, its perfect for products such as water bottle, pens, key holders and barbecues accessories. Different materials produce d9ffrent effects when engraved.

Laser Etching on Clothing

Uses a state of the art laser to remove the dye from the material surface of a garment by way of the laser etching technique creating a modern tone on tone look which cannot be replicated by any other process, the only branding method that can be applied across zippers and over buttons and seams, this process creates highly detailed images and logo without damaging the garment or compromising the integrity of water proof material, laser etching is resistant to fading and offer a subtle sophisticated branding solution for clothing

Vinyl Stickers

Are digitally printed in full color on an adhesive vinyl and then automatically cut to almost any shape, vinyl stickers have a strong resistance to fading or damage and can easily be applied to products with flat or slightly curved surfaces, a cost-effective multicolor printing method, vinyl stickers offer great solution for branding products as well as packaging.